Student Grievance Procedures

Counseling and guidance of students is part of each instructor’s responsibility. However, all instructors, supervisory and administrative staff members are available to assist the student in successful completion of training. Students have the facilities and full support of the Education Services staff to assist with problems which may arise. Students may contact the Education Services Department for clarification and assistance with any difficulties by emailing your questions to: or call toll free at (866) 971-2723.

Student complaints should relate to items such as administrative issues, financial issues, technical issues, faculty performance, grading, program content, program effectiveness/expectations, library services, and career or placement services.

We encourage students to come to the on-site Training Director in the event of disputes concerning instruction staff, fellow student violation of school rules and laws and relevant personal problems.

The Training Director will treat your report with confidentiality and compassion. Remember, if you are experiencing problems and you do not report them, corrections cannot be made to make your training a more rewarding and fulfilling educational experience.

The Drive Life CDL grievance procedure is as follows:

Within five (5) business days of the alleged action(s), the complaint or concern should be addressed to the instructor or staff member involved.

If the student feels more action is needed, an appointment may be scheduled for a phone conference with the Education and/or Training Director. The student should request this appointment within five (5) business days of the instructor or staff member’s response. The Training Director will schedule the conference within five (5) days of the student’s request.

If the previous steps have not solved the complaint, the student must present in writing, all facts of the grievance to the President at: 2232 South 7200 W., Magna, UT 84044

The student should present the facts within seven (7) business days of the phone conference with the Education and/or Training Director. The President will either address the grievance him/herself or take action to form a grievance committee within five (5) days of the receipt of the facts. The grievance committee, if formed, will be comprised of the appropriate number of individuals from the appropriate areas to ensure a fair and unbiased evaluation.

After a decision has been rendered by the grievance committee, the student may request that the President review the process and outcomes of the grievance.

If the student complaint cannot be resolved after exhausting Drive Life grievance procedure, the student may file a complaint regarding the unresolved issues to the attention: