Attendance & Grading Policy


Each student is required to attend every scheduled class.

The student’s cumulative absences for the entire course cannot exceed 3 days.

A student may be deemed not making satisfactory progress if absence exceeds 3-days; student will be terminated from that class.
The only excused absences from training will be for illness, injury or death in the immediate family. Legitimate excuses will be considered on a case-by-case basis and approved by the Training Director. All other reasons for absenteeism will be unexcused. THE TOTAL NUMBER OF ANY TYPE OF ABSENCE, EXCUSED OR UNEXCUSED, IS THREE (3) DAYS FOR THE DURATION OF THE COURSE, ANY FURTHER ABSENCE MAY RESULT IN TERMINATION. Time and instruction lost due to an absence may be made up at a later date at the discretion of the Training Director. Makeup work must be acceptable to complete the training program.
If the student is tardy from classes three times during training, unless the tardiness was due to conditions beyond the student’s control, the student will be informed that if the student is tardy once more, the student may be sent home and a later class will need to be scheduled. IF A STUDENT IS RESCHEDULED DUE TO TARDINESS, ANY FURTHER TARDINESS MAY RESULT IN TERMINATION. Note: Rescheduling for any reason depends upon availability of class space. Class cutting will be treated the same is tardiness.


If there are mitigating circumstances which prevents a student from maintaining satisfactory progress, a student may appeal termination based on these circumstances. The appeal must be made in writing and sent to the Director of Training. This appeal letter must explain fully the circumstances behind a student’s failure to maintain satisfactory progress and what the student plans to do to overcome these circumstances and to maintain satisfactory progress for the duration of the course. If an appeal is approved, the student will be notified of the satisfactory progress conditions they must meet for the remainder of the course. If a student subsequently fails to meet the school’s conditions of the appeal, the student’s enrollment will be terminated. Students may be re-admitted to school under this policy, if approved.


In the event the student must change their scheduled training date, the student may reschedule for the next available date, providing the reason to discontinue or absence is excused. The school reserves the option to assign a different class date based on class size.


A student may be allowed to withdraw and re-enroll in the program once, but the program must be completed within the maximum SATISFACTORY time aloud excluding the time the student is withdrawn. Tuition will not be refunded after 10% of the classes are complete.


The CDL Now Program is a PASS or FAIL grading system. This grading method fits a primarily physical skills training program better than the traditional letter or number grade system. We want our students to attain skilled entry level operational skills more than we want them competing with each other to receive an A or B etc. During training Instructors will measure and grade daily progress of the student by observing daily operational skills and evaluating homework assignments, quizzes, and examinations. If the student is lacking in daily satisfactory progress in the instructor’s view, then the student will be counseled or tutored in the area in which he/she needs improvement and then given the opportunity to improve via remedial training.

The PASS or FAIL grading system mirrors our core training belief, operating huge equipment is either done in a safe and professional manner or it is not. This system allows the graduate’s employment search to be based on their own personal skill levels obtained versus becoming a victim of employment grade competition.


A grade of “W” is issued to students who withdraw after the start of a course and completion of some training days. Refer to the Refund Policy regarding tuition and fees.


Students who are satisfactorily passing their courses but are unable to complete all coursework by the end of the course may petition their instructors to be given grades of Incomplete (“I”). Students will then have 45 days from the end of the course to complete all outstanding work. After 60 days from the end of the course, the grade of “I” will be updated to reflect the appropriate letter grade based on work completed or not completed.


  1. Make-up work and incompletes: time and instruction lost due to an absence may be made up at a later date at the discretion of the Training Director. All makeup work must be satisfactorily completed prior to graduation.
  2. Remedial Training: any student, as a result of daily evaluations or failure to maintain a minimum grade point
    average of 75% on quizzes, written exams, or lacks skills to perform at a “passing” skill-level on equipment
    exercises may be afforded additional training time to help bring up any area of deficiency to satisfactory standards.
  3. Withdrawals: any student who discontinues training for any reason other than an approved leave of absence will be considered withdrawn as of the last day of actual attendance. Satisfactory progress up to the withdrawal date will be considered in any appeal for re-instatement after withdrawal. A student’s enrollment will be permanently
    terminated after a second withdrawal.