Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a training program that is above and beyond the rest.  Our students will receive the confidence and skills to be successful! From getting your CDL, to learning how to run most trailer types, you will have the skill set to achieve your dreams and goals with ease.  With over 20 years of experience owning Commercial Vehicles, you will receive real life experience and training.

Our Vision

Drive Life CDL, LLC. Vision is to go above and beyond all other trade schools in the industry. From the basic CDL course to our advance endorsement classes and skills training. All students will leave the DLC with the confidence and the skills to concord any job they acquire.

Core Values

        • Provide a strong education and training program.
        • Maintain a high level of integrity and ethical values.
        • Keep students in mind from start to finish.
        • Provide diversity and cultural sensitivity towards all students.
        • Practice mutual respect and civility.

Our Students

We are committed to our students by providing strong curricula emphasizing practical, usable skills blended with a relevant general education foundation. This is accomplished in a caring environment with personal attention and close faculty-student interaction. We offer education opportunity, with an “open door” admission component, to a diverse array of students, including high school graduates, Vocational Rehabilitation students, military personnel, national and international students, various companies, as well as non-traditionally prepared students.

Our Programs

We are entirely committed to giving our students the highest quality education possible to obtain entry-level employment skills in truck driving industry and provide quality, entry-level individuals who can satisfactorily complete their fleet job and contribute to their community.

Our Employees

We are committed to high standards of performance and pride in accomplishment, with the understanding that the strength of our organization is our people. We embrace the concepts of equal opportunity, affirmative action, and cultural diversity. We encourage teamwork, professional growth, acceptance of responsibility, and recognition for achievement.

Our Communities

We are committed to being good neighbors and giving our community something, they can be proud of in a company. Through our training program we strive to give our community professional, responsible, and safe Semi Tractor-Trailer Drivers to contribute to its development.

Our State

We are committed to contributing to the economic vitality of our state by providing a well-trained and educated work force.

Message From the Director

Let us first start by stating that our programs are both challenging and rewarding to complete. All our programs have been specifically designed with you and the public’s safety in mind. Our programs emphasize hands-on learning as the primary vehicle to build your skills as a Professional Tractor-Trailer Driver. Make no mistake that proficiency, competence, and proper driver safety can only be attained with generous preparation time. Our very effective training system provides our students with efficient training hours while limiting the actual physical attendance at the school to only 4 weeks, 180 hours.

The 58 classroom hours are spread out over the 4-week course, so the learning experience stays fresh and interesting. You will be driving actual tractor-trailers in a matter of a few days. The classroom hours are very efficiently determined by need. Remember, your time here is limited and important; “behind-the-wheel” training time should not be taken up studying a lot of “filler” classroom subjects. The CDL PROS program is ideally designed for the busy, on-the-go student of the new millennium.

We are in constant contact with trucking industry personnel who advise and help us maximize the training content and quality thus providing our graduates an opportunity for success. Our students enjoy attending our modern 5-acre training facility.

What all this means to you is: VALUE AND EMPLOYER RECOGNITION. We offer up to date, no-nonsense programs with a very competitive tuition that is rarely met by any other institution. Your hard-earned dollars deserve the highest quality and quantity of professional training preparation that is possible. Compare our training fleet and unsparing training hours with our budget conscious tuition prices. I’m sure you will see the value in the training we offer you. So, welcome to National Training, future graduate. We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your career goals.

Ren Kennington, Owner/Founder


Our Team

Our seasoned professionals work with individuals of all walks of life. We guarantee a premium CDL training experience.

Ren Kennington

Principle Instructor/President

With over 20 years experience within the trucking industry, Ren is excited to assist new students, and current drivers, excel in their career.


  • Owner/Founder

  • 20+ Years Trucking Experience

  • President Calco Transportation

  • Loving Father and Husband

Chris Wilcox

Course Instructor/Safety Inspector

Chris has 20 years of extensive experience in instructional learning and safety inspections.


  • Safety Inspector

  • Course Instructor

  • Trucking Expert

  • Admin & Office Management


Job Recruiter

Joseph has assisted many new drivers obtain the required certifications required to get on the road and improve their pay.


  • Student Recruitment

  • Job Placement

Our Promise

You will gain exactly what you need to take your CDL to the next level.

Our students gain the knowledge and experience required to be successful in the trucking industry.

We have a zero accident rating since the inception and founding of Drive Life CDL LLC.

Our instructors are professional, punctual, and never miss a class or demonstration.

Our course is reasonably priced to cater to most people’s budgets.

Our instructors have been in the trucking industry for a long time gaining lots of experience along the way.

We know times can be crazy with everything going on in the world, so we work hard to structure our classes to be as convenient as possible.

Start Training For Your CDL

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Here’s what our happy drivers had to say about our services:

Drive Life CDL really helped build my confidence behind the wheel and with trucking in general, and they got me a first time pass! Highly recommended.

Sophia Jones

Drive Life CDL helped me acquire additional licenses that have allowed me to work jobs all throughout the country and increase my pay. These guys are legite.

Darwin Masvidal

Was in and out within a month and starting my next job the following month making way more money than I was before. Retirement is now a future possibility for me!

Harvey Denture

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